Spezifikation / Specifications


  • Bayonet: Nikon F
  • Brennweite / Focal length: 50 mm
  • Blendenzahl / Aperture ratio (max. - min. ) 1,2 - 16
  • Bildformat  /  Frame size: 18х24 mm
  • Auflagemass / Flange focal distance: 46,5 mm
  • Min. Fokusabstand  / Minimum shooting distance: 0,45 m
  • Filterdurchmesser / Lens filter diameter: 62 mm
  • Gewicht / Weight: 680 g


Zenitar 1.2 / 50s  lens has a high aperture ratio of f/1.2 and is designed for non-full-frame SLR cameras. It is excellent for shooting portraits, street shooting, shooting in the low light, as well as shooting fast moving objects with small optical exposure.
Standard high-power lens Zenitar 1.2 / 50s with multi-layer coating is designed for SLR cameras and digital cameras (krop-factor 1.5). The 9-blade aperture of Zenitar 1.2 / 50s has an almost perfectly circular shape, which makes it possible to get an effectively blurred background. The high constant rapidity guarantees operational comfort, provides precise control over the depth of field and gives excellent results while shooting with insufficient light, for example indoors.
The lenses of Zenitar 1.2 / 50s are made with a multi-layer coating, which effectively prevents glare and reflections often distorting images taken with digital cameras. The lens transmits high quality images with uniform brightness, sharpness and clarity, high contrast and precise color reproduction.
Small size and weight, as well as bayonet connection with cameras of various types, make it convenient for amateur and professional photography. High aperture ratio allows you to shoot in low light and get clear photos. The lens will prove useful for portrait and landscape photography. Designed for shooting at temperatures from -15° to + 45° C.


New Production from 2019 with new packaging design and improved quality of the lens.


Important: you don't pay any custom fee (about 19%), if you buy in our shop from EU country.

Keine Zollgebühren für Sie (19%), wenn Sie bei uns aus Deutschland/EU-Land kaufen.



  • Objektiv
  • Frontkappe
  • Rückdeckel


Comes with

  • Lens
  • Front cover
  • Rear cover


Zenitar 1,2/50s Lens für Nikon F mount

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  • Ausgelegt für APSC Cameras

    Ideall für Portät uns Streetphotography

    Die Linsen weisen Mehrfachbeschichtung auf



    Front- und Rückdeckel


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